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R / Python / Text-Mining / Deep Learning / Web Crawler / Quantitative Trading / Big Data on Cloud platform

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R / Python / DevOps / CI&CD / git / Docker / Big Data on Cloud platform / Node.js & Web Development

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Collaborative Study Group / Hackathon / Learning By Hacking / Open Source Community


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Data Analysis x Business Consulting x IT Implementation

GIS & Real Estate

With the real estate data from our government open database, We are able to see the proper price to get into the market and where to find the proper price–performance ratio items.

Human Resource

When we get the trend with the global human resource market, we can make a comparison with our current human resource marketing, get more insight when our governments want to formulate some policy relative to our pre-job training, job-transform training...etc.

Financial Market

With real time tick-data import, we use R backtracking, machine learning and deep learning for advanced analysis. And we also integrate with cloud services.


Made the business decision making more straight-forward. With precise GIS and user preference prediction, we got more data-driven evidence to discuss with our business developer and marketing partners.

Show Cases

Help you to discover the information behind data and find the real problem behind the problem.

Quantitative Trading Strategies

Real Time Tick data Import Using R Backtracking Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning for advanced analysis. Integrate with Cloud Services[...]

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Salary Analysis (Python V.S. R in 2015)


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User Trials in Bank

“Let’s analysis the records from our cashier, I’d like to know the preference of our customers!” “Let’s analysis the text cloud to get more closer to our customers!” Does these sound fam[...]

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